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When I had firstly listened Mr.Makoto Murayama's music in the Internet, I felt the meaning of fortune that this meeting might not be an occasion but a good fortune by the Goddes will. My imagination had become an idea of virtual concert which should be realized after 100 years later since his birth. My idea became bigger when it had passsed over 100 times listening of his whole pieces from the Internet. I have listened his great works in the order of composition, but as for the symphonic poem "Sapporo", this piece will be most suitable in the finale of Opera lyrica, named "Horistic".
Opera lyrica of the three acts and ten scenes are as follows:
The act one includes Toccata "Irritate", "Greeting prelude" and "Symphonic fantasy". The act two includes "Funeral march" and "Horistic symphony". And the act three includes "Wedding march" and Symhonic poem "Sapporo". In the year of 2063 when it be the centennial anniversary of Makoto Murayama's birth, the memorial concert should be held in Kyoto Concert Hall by the Hungarian National Orchestra and Opera teams with distinguished singers on stage. This is now my dream but it should be a real concert in 2063, because the condition to be estimated as a classic work should be more 100 years after the birth of a composer.
The act one is the age of youth of hero having many questions on life and nature. The act two is the age of the defeated mind to seek a true life for the unknown future. And the hero will find an answer of the survival way in the new century through the practise of "Horistic movement". In the act three, the hero will march to the North Capital for the construction of the New Kingdom in the North Land. He had abandoned the Old Capital in the South which had been ruined by the decay of moral. And when the hero arrives at the New North Capital, the Bell of the Church will ring four times of every two beats celebrating his arrival at the New World.
I should apologize to Mr.Makoto Murayama the composer,because I might have made an idea of virtual concert in the style of Opera lyrica without the permission of the composer himself.
But I should say a word that his total works are so wonderful as to write a libretto of Opera by an old poet who had once been out of memory during more than 30 years long.(Mar 17 2000)