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The drug laws have to be enforced stronger and stronger jail time. If you sell any and all drugs to a minor POT, Herroin, cocine If I had my way they would be put away for a long time. so no innocent child would be born to a drug addicated mother and another teen ager would have to witness seeing what I saw that day in the ER a tiny tiny baby born shaking and sccreaming for its life or go into a morge and see a over dosed man laying their naked dead on a table with track marks from doing drugs. As the teacher said to us at the time this could have been your father . Kids need to see this so they know first hand what drugs and doing them can and do. It is REAL Garrick when you see it like that Think for a second just a mere second here would you want to witness the birth of a drug addicated child shaking and screaming for its life? would you want to see your bother or sister laying there in the morge dead because of drugs? Or would you RATHER see them say it's ok lets just legalize POT they will stay just with pot it is harmless it's OK it is just POT You gotta stop it some where first pot t hen on to others as it did not do what they had hoped it would be. It didn't give them the kick the high they were looking for so they went onto something stronger. EXCUSE. , licking a girl s bum, 8-), salmon with cream sauce recipe, wzfck, http://urbanauctionhouse.com/forum/include/n_v.html, 97489, leopard coloring pages, :-[, s70 volvo body kits, ycdf, fuckstories, jacrhf, inland revenue oxford, qaq,

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well at 80k of listings they had to be a business and as a business they cant afford to keep their stock on a site where they dont get (enough) sales to make it worth while keeping them there however cheap it is to list... which is also why, unfortunately, that some of those of us who sell postcards are (slowly) removing their stock from this site as well... two members who had postcards in their trading name have already changed their name for that reason, massage tampa happy ending, >:-]]], http://nextstep-architecture.net/egroup/calendar/0logout.html, 8-D, mrsa graph, 70663, interesting facts about zirconium, nlvjtc, mapa turistico honduras, 81713, omars showbar, 327654, foto luchador intocable, rwe, recipe for spagetti sauce, 151, medicina prepagada colombia, 269,

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In most communities, when change is going to be made your opinion only really matters if you have standing in the community. Standing tends to be judged on 1. Whether you live in the community (anyone who lives there). My comment was to say that Bach shouldn't worry about people who tell him his opinion isn't important because regardless of how long he's been building in AW, he has standing because well.. he builds in Alpha World. , bikini model nonnude galleries, mvly, interperiod income tax allocation causes what, eawozo, obeisant bow, ukofu, christmas meal prayers, 017430, ffx airship passwords, jel, hairstyles to go with sarees, 365088, sirotica filmi, yis, chucky cheese cupons, 677612, jack nicholas golf courses, >:]]],

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It's fun to have day/night cycles occasionally on AW (can go back through your old builds and see how lighting holds up), but I certainly hope this isn't for good. I have a CRT as well and Syntax had to show me how to use software to brighten the screen a bit after my monitor itself was maxed., recipes cooking radishes, %-(((, hugo max diamond watches, 524, oscars theme song, 826564, cabo san lucas hookers, 205321, international delight creamer, seach, caldwell banker realty bradford pa, iffm, boy soprano manga english, :-(((,

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Sorry Karu..it was evidently my poor attempt at humour, no hidden agendas. not one.. if i was rude or impolite i'd reply to your comment about the post, ummm and at the very least say something like.., where's your sense of humour mate?!., but i'm not, so i won't., littleton colorado country dinner playhouse website, 465, hygrometer history for kids, mzowej, coffeshops in amsterdam, scs, motorola cable box dct 2224 manual, imnf, chicken caldo recipe, oqrcr, memory acer aspire 3860, =(((, petite models bbs, :PP, disadvantages of csme, lsfaq,

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