Study on the relation between Jun Matumoto and Seishou Taketomi

Shiuzou Ishimaru, Heikichirou Ihzuka 1999

When and Where Jun Matumoto and Seishou Taketomi met ?
In 1861, Jun Matumoto when he was 26 years old went to Nagasaki, and established the first Dutch style medical school. He was the school master and Pompe was vice-master. And when Borden came to Nagasaki, Jun went back to Edo(today's Tokyo). But in 1867 he was arrested by the new government in Yokohama with Isamu Kondou the leader of Shinsengumi.
In 1870 when he was released, he estblished the Dutch style hospital named "Lanchiusha"in the place of the present Waseda University. His hospital was the second Dutch style hospital in Japan, but it had not lived long.
In 1873, Jun was given the status of head of military health service and in 1877 he went to Osaka, Hiroshima and Kumamoto by the order of Meiji government to maintain the military field hospitals in the domestic war named "Seinan War". The war ended in this year by the death of Takamori Saigou, once being a leading member of the new government. The biggest battle was recorded in Kumamoto, so famous as "The Battle of Tabaruzaka". The army of the new government, called "Kangun" lost more than 1000 soldiers. Young general Nogi called Seishou Taketomi and ordered him to write characters of soldier's tomb, more than 1000 cases.
Seishou was born in Gokanoshou in Kumamoto Pref. and in the childhood he came to Kumamoto City with his mother. He worked hard to help his mother and learned the art by his master who loved art collections. When he had been grown up, he was so excellent to write Chinese characters rather than art work.
We suppose that Jun and Seishou might have met in Kumamoto City, by the introduction of General Nogi and other military leaders.

Jun's sho "Hoten yiin" was found in Ishimaru Clinic
Doctor Shiuzou Ishimaru was born in 1940, son of Dr.Masakatu Ishimaru who was the sixth generation of his medical family. Shiuzou lost his father during the student age in Kyushiu University. He came back to Sakurai District soon after the graduation from the Medical Faculty and inherited his father's clinic which had been out of work for some years.
Jun's writing "Hoten yiin"(above photo) had long been set in the clinic of his father's, but nobody knew who was Lanchiu and also who was Seishou. "Lanchiu" is another name of Jun used for writing or art, but we did not know before visitting Nagasaki City in May 1998.
Jun's sho says: "Hoten yiin by the request of Seishou Lanchiu wrote".
In some day of May 1998, Shiuzou ordered Heikichirou Ihzuka to visit Nagasaki City to investigate on Jun and Seishou. Ihzuka who was 3 years younger than Shiuzou and has worked as a physician of Shiuzou's Hospital since 1994. He had graduated from Kyoto University Medical Faculty in 1970 and lived for 33 years in Kyoto. He came back to native town at the age of 49, by the invitaion of Shiuzou's advice. He had also wanted to investigate on his own familial history and publish a book on the history of his families.
First three months passed in writing letters or by telephone calling for anywhere information might be found. And Ihzuka had found Medical Library of Nagasaki University had several books on Jun Matumoto and the name list of graduates from Pompe's medical school. One day tour by car had been attempted for Nagasaki City to examine only two facts that who was Lanchiu and who was Seishou. And what is the relation between Jun and Seishou, where and when they firstly met?
Only 3 hours visitting to Nagasaki City fortunately brought a good news to Shiuzou that Lanchiu is Jun Matumoto himself. But name of Ishimaru family could not been found in the name list of Pompe's medical school which is origin of the present School of Medicine Nagasaki University and oldest in Japan's medical schools. Ihzuka came back to Imabari in the same day so late at night. But aonther question remained unresolved that who was Seishou.
Thus first one day tour to Nagasaki was a success because we could know that Lanchiu was Jun Matumoto himself.

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